Host companies know that by investing in certification and membership in the, they set themselves apart from the majority of hosts. Evaluation and certification by the's Board of Directors gives a host company the security of knowing they are providing quality service. Displaying the seal on their site allows members to show their commitment to their customers, current and potential.

Certification provides a security blanket. The "jargon" and technical issues involved in selecting a hosting company confuse many consumers, and "fly by night" companies often compromise quality to provide low prices. The certification criteria offer a concrete standard for professional hosting companies and every host is re-evaluated on a quarterly basis to ensure standards are continually met.

As the Internet begins to play an even greater role in everyday life, and both businesses and individuals rush to get online, web hosting is becoming an important commodity. Many people are shopping for it, and many companies are supplying it.

Consumers know, by choosing a certified hosting company, that the company they're working with has met our ambitious motto of "Service, Support, and Speed." They can then begin to focus on specific needs for their web site, confident in the quality of a certified host, and in that host's commitment to continuing excellence.


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